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Telemedicine & Membership Plans

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$100/ MONTH

  •  Internal Medicine / Primary Care Services

  •  Annual GYN / Well-Woman Exam

  • Price based on preventative and two ailments, plus listed items

  •  Internal Medicine

  •  Wellness consultation

  •  Laser therapy consultation

  •  Discounted lab & imaging rates

  •  Annual $100 administrative fee


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CALL 713-893-6222 TO SCHEDULE - 24/7

  •  Internal Medicine / Primary Care Services

  •  Annual GYN / Well-Woman Exam

  • Payment due at time of telemedicine call

  •  Calls are 10 minutes with Dr. Yash Pathak

  •  Debit/credit/HSA cards accepted for call

  •  Must be in the State of Texas

  •  Receipt provided for reimbursement

  •  Limited to upper respiratory issues, colds & flu, fever, pharyngitis, sinusitis, sore throat, conjunctivitis (pink eye), skin inflammation, bladder infection, celluitis and issues with diarrhea or vomiting. By enrolling for the 10 minute call, you have read this statement and understand Dr. Yash Pathak is Board Certified Internal Medicine, with a focus on Wellness and his telemedicine scope is limited to the ailments listed above. Also, you are acknowledging that you are okay with voice call or video platform call (when needed) and that you are within the State of Texas at the time of your telemedicine call. Please call 713-893-6222 prior to enrolling in the call.


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