Offering Direct Access Care Membership-Based Plans For Small Business Owners

About Us




About Us

In May 2019, Unifying Health Center opened, serving Sugar Land and the surrounding Houston area. Our clinic is the only Hybrid-Direct Primary Care (H-DPC) membership-based model offering both Internal Medicine and wellness–and offering membership/Direct Access Care-based medicine for small businesses and indivuals, as well as insurance covered care.  Dr. Yash D. Pathak, MD is a leader in Internal Medicine, wellness, LIPOcel for destroying fat instantly and as many know, the premier clinic for MLS Laser therapy for pain and inflammation for personal injury cases, as well as arthritis joint pain. As a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Pathak believes in not just treating the patient from the physical/medical side, but a holistic approach to wellness. 


“We have several layers,” says Dr. Pathak, adding, “Medication and procedures treat one layer. There are other layers that affect our health, which is why yoga and other wellness techniques are used with patients.”

Since we are an H-DPC model, our clinic does accept health insurance, as well as offering a cash-based monthly membership platform. Please read our FAQs to find out about the savings for you when you become a member with Unifying Health Center.

Unifying Health Center combines Western and Eastern philosophies of healing, with the latest medical treatments and wellness methods to help you get better faster–and stay well. Class 4 Laser Therapy, Electromagnetic therapy (EMT), managed yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Also, Unifying Health Center offers skin rejuvenation combining EMT with special mud water and minerals.

“The new vibration in medicine is amazing,” adds Dr. Pathak.

Unifying Health Center has a variety of membership plans, as well as a group employer plan for small businesses. Please click on the links for more information and take advantage of the new vibration of medicine and get better faster.



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