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“When the ER doctor told me that my nephew, JT has diabetes with a blood sugar of 700, we as a family were so distraught and didn’t know what to do. My nephew is a 29-year-old intelligent, progressive, and humorous young man. He was not only shattered to be diagnosed with a sudden onset insulin-dependent diabetes but also, with the realization of being on at least 5 to 7 insulin shots every day with a diet where he can just eat some vegetables and fruits. The hospital dietitian gave us a vegetarian diabetic meal plan which did not have anything but some soup and salads with a slice of bread option. 

Being a second-generation Indian American young man, JT has always enjoyed vegetarian spicy Indian cuisine along with Mexican and Italian dishes. We were so confused and sad with the limited options on his meal plan. We were recommended to consult Ms. Dipika Pathak who is a registered nutritionist and had a good reputation. Ms. Pathak being Indian American exactly knew what her client, JT’s needs were regarding food choices and his challenges to find something that he would enjoy within the parameters of the diabetic meal plan. Further, what separates Ms. Pathak from all other nutritionists is her ability to communicate and connect with the clients. Ms. Pathak’s training about carbs, reading/understanding nutritional labels, and basically taking charge of the nutrition without any convoluted diet other than sticking to a specific number of carbohydrate grams per meal significantly helped JT to move forward. My nephew was thrilled that he would still be able to eat most of his favorite Indian dishes along with some Mexican and Italian. 

JT was able to do the carb count of any food that he felt like eating, no matter how simple or complex. He told me, “I never feel trapped in what I can eat. I love everything I eat and do not miss anything as such.” Within two weeks, his doctor discontinued his several insulin shots to one long-acting shot at night. In next two weeks, JT was on only once a day Metformin 500mg and at the end of the month was only on diet/exercise. JT has been doing really well for the past five months only on Ms. Pathak’s meal plan and an exercise schedule in managing his blood sugar. All the lab values are excellent. HbA1c has dropped from 10% to 6%. JT has lost several pounds, feeling much more energetic than before, and happier. He feels so much empowered by your guidance. 

JT’s doctor commented that he is a miracle case with such a speedy recovery. 

For people I have met who can use the services of a nutritionist, I recommend you, Ms. Pathak with the highest most amazing praise that can be given.

Avani K. Thakkar


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