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Most frequent questions and answers

What is Hybrid Direct Primary Care (H-DPC)?

Hybrid-Direct Primary Care, otherwise known as H-DPC, is a direct model to give you a simple and affordable membership-based health care. This works well for people without any health coverage or those with a high deductable. Also, we offer insurance covered Internal Medicine. Under the DPC membership, there is no ‘fee for service’ or third party billing. For our patients with insurance coverage, the usual co-pays would apply. Since we have both DPC and insurance-based medicine, Unifying Health Center is an H-DPC model. 

Why Should I choose Unifying Health Center over another DPC clinic?

First, there are many good Hybrid DPC clinics—one thing you should like at is access to the doctor and pricing. We pride ourselves at Unifying Health Center with having Dr. Pathak spending the time you need for the appointment. Second, our prices are at ‘cost’, including lab tests. Third is quality of care—Dr. Pathak walks into the exam room with the expectation to heal you, not rush through an appointment. So, access, pricing and quality of care are three items you should look for with any practice.

Is DPC and Concierge Medicine the same type of care?

Yes and no – when it comes to quality of care a physician practicing either one should provide the best quality of care. However, when it comes to Concierge Medicine, much of it comes down to access—and treating, say, a high-profile patient in the privacy of their home. A physician’s personal service for a concierge patient is above and beyond what you would see for most patients, but the cost to the patient is much higher than a H-DPC visit. Concierge Medicine is usually for high-end executive, celebrities such as sports figures and rock stars, high profile government officials and heads of state & visiting royalty—people who need the extra privacy or whose schedules cannot accommodate a normal clinic schedule.

Why do you have a membership fee and initiation FEE on the H-DPC side?

We are similar to any private club, private school or gym in that you pay to be a member. Unifying Health Center is offering you access to Dr. Pathak and his medical tech is that beyond what most clinics offer. Since you are a member, there is an expectation that needs to be met. Even with our membership fee, if you look at your insurance premium, we are still much lower. Once you adjust your health insurance policy to accommodate mostly catastrophic events and use our model for routine medical events and wellness, you will see the true value and savings.

Do I have to sign up as a member?

No, you can see Dr. Pathak without being a member, however there will be a $90-$350 range for the fee to visit with him (the fee varies based on the complexity of the case). All fees for non-member visits are due at time of service.

What if I cannot show up for an appointment?

If you are a member, we do not charge a ‘no show fee’. If you are not a member, there is a $25 charge for not contacting us within two-hours of the appointment. We know that life can have unexpected events, but please call and let us know you are not showing up.

If I have insurance, which services are not covered?

There are services such as our MLS Class 4 Laser, electromagnetic therapy, light therapy & facial rejuvenation, nutrition and ayurveda therapy which are not covered by health insurance plans. These services are paid ‘at time of service’ by cash or credit/debit card.


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